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Teen Pregnancy

Find information on teenage pregnancy, teen pregnancy statistics, and more in this article.  Facts, trends, and stats on teen pregnancy.

There have been a lot of stories in the news lately about teens that actually try to get pregnant and think that they want to be parents while still in high school.  Some even think that they can do this in middle school. 

There are various programs that help teens and tweens see the reality of having a child.  Some of these programs use “real life like” baby dolls that demand time, attention, food, diaper changes, have colic, and other things to make it seem real.  This is an incredible thing for teens to experience because they realize that they no longer have a whole lot of fun, they don't get a whole lot of sleep and they realize what a responsibility they will be taking on.

According to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancies the teen birth rate decreased by 34% between 1991 and 2005.  Between 2005 and 2006 it went up 3%.  This was the first increase in 15 years.  While this increase is scary for parents and others, it is important to see that it does not take away from the great decrease between 1991 and 2005. 

The Centers for Disease Control states that in 2007 35.6% of female high school students are sexually active.  The CDC also reported that 45.9% of all high school girls in 2007 reported ever having sex.  This means that almost half of the girls in high school have had sex at some point.  For parents, teachers and others this is terrifying information and we all want to know what we can do to bring the number down.

“Adolescents who have high levels of exposure to television programs that contain sexual content are twice as likely to be involved in a pregnancy over the following three years as their peers who watch few such shows, according to a new RAND Corporation study.”  This is not to say the television is the only factor but this was a very telling study.  While all the factors in why teens choose to be sexually active one thing is clear:  parents have the most influence.  No matter what schools and policy makers try to do, parents need to realize that they need to be doing the talking with their kids at an early age to make sure that they understand their bodies and the emotional aspect of maturing.

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