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Pros of Adoption

Benefits of adoption and being an adoptive parent.  Find the pros in the adoption debate here and read about the benefits to the parent and child.

Adoption provides a much needed home for so many children of all ages.  At the same time it allows people who can not have children under other circumstances to have a child.  Some families that have biological children also decide to adopt for a variety of reasons.  One thing is certain:  No matter which way you look at it, adoption can be a great option for everyone involved.

Adoption provides birth mothers with a great alternative to abortion or keeping their child when they are not ready to be parents.  Many birth mothers are not in a situation to care for their child and adoption gives them the opportunity to thrive in a home that may be more stable. 

In some cases birth mothers and adoptive parents may choose to have an open adoption.  The good things about these adoptions is that the child grows up knowing that there is a birth mother and then the adoptive parents.  This may help a child with the identity problems that can come with being adopted.  While every child reacts differently there are obvious reasons why it can be good for a child to know who they look like, where they came from and that they were given to adoptive to parents out of love. Many times, adoptive parents keep birth mothers up to date on a child's progress and then when all parties agree the timing is right they talk with the child.

Closed adoptions can be better for some birth mothers who may not be able to handle being close to the child they have given up for adoption.  For some children this may also be easier.  Adoptive parents may not want to have to include a birth parent or keep them updated. 

The great thing about adoptions is that both parties can have a great experience when things go well.  It's important for adoptive parents and mothers considering placing their children for adoption to consider their alternatives and what will work for them in the long term. 

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