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Abortion Statistics

Get the stats and facts on abortion. This article includes the raw number of abortions, trends, and abortion statistics.

The Centers for Disease Control states that there were 848,163 legally induced abortions reported in 2003.  This was a .7% decrease from the number of legally induced abortions in 2002.  Alaska, California, New Hampshire, and Oklahoma did not report and the data from these states was not estimated. 

The CDC also states that the the abortion rate in 2003 was 16 per 1,000 women ages 15 to 44.  15 women died as a result of complications from legally induced abortion and 1 woman's death was with known illegal abortion.

Of the women who had abortions 82% were unmarried, 55% were white, 51% were under the age of 25.  The gestational age at the time of the abortions:  66% were less than 8 weeks, and 88% were less than 13 weeks.

Because abortion is such a controversial topic in our country it is hard to find reliable data.  We may never know how many illegal abortions have been done in any given year and that means we will not know how many women died or became seriously ill due to complications from the abortions.  It is extremely important for individuals doing research on this topic to be sure that they are getting accurate numbers.  Many anti-abortion groups will report that 5,000 to 10,000 women die per year from abortions.  There are no actual statistics to back this up.  This is not to say that the numbers aren't possible but it is important to be discerning. 

Due to the controversy of the topic and the difficulty in finding unbiased reports our site only relied on the CDC for information.  The 2003 were the most up to date records available at this time.

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