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Welcome to Adoption Statistics
adoption Adoption Statistics was created by a foster care parent with the purpose to educate the public about adoption and foster care programs. We offer information on adoption, abortion, pregnancy, and foster care issues. Our articles were written to educate parents and those interested in adoption, becoming a foster parent, and related issues/topics.

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Cons of Adoption
Find the drawbacks and cons to adoption programs. If you're looking into adoption or foster care you should be aware of these issues surrounding the adoption debate.  Cons of Adoption

Abortion Education
Abortion information including types of abortion, partial birth abortions, and definition of abortion.  Abortion Education

Foster Care vs. Private Adoption
Find the pros/cons of each and how foster care programs compare to private adoption. You should be aware of the issues involved with each situation.  Foster Care vs. Private Adoption

Teen Pregnancy
Find information on teenage pregnancy, teen pregnancy statistics, and more in this article.  Facts, trends, and stats on teen pregnancy.  Teen Pregnancy

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